History Is Accountability

A new vision for 2020 and beyond

We are building security into history with a growing archive of impartial, multi-referenced, verified historical events where you can explore history through time and quickly mine through millennials of data linking to a titanic collection of events, places, people and more.

Time is a never ending story of cultures, countries and ideals. Since the advent of the internet the connected world we live in today is becoming smaller and more transparent than ever before. Today people can communicate without language barriers which happened to open histories black hole.

Whether some stories are true or not is still an ongoing debate. Events with extensive evidence like 9/11 obscured through the halls of justice or the fact that weather manipulation is possible and real right from the mouth of Walt Disney and the DOD aka the Watergate scandal. Both have overwhelming evidence contradicting the so called official stories and the childish calls of conspiracy theory they claim with no investigations makes them look corrupt.

History Observer is still in development but feel free to explore history through our time explorer observing the references and resources as they have been presented with reality or phantasmagoria.

Soon you will be able to roll through history and bookmark your favorite past or current events for personal, professional, or school.

As we are creating History Observer we are realizing history is not what you were prescribed.

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history loggedJourney through history and reanalyze world news, events and people with our precision forensic media tools. Discover past events in new illuminating ways.

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History.Observer is a self-funded US based organization devoted to delivering the truth at any cost.

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History Recorded.

uncut and uncensored

History Observer is on a mission to transform the way history is recorded and relayed.

September 10, 2001 is the day the cleanup crews arrived for for 9/11 and we decided that was a great day to launch and introduced a new “Digital Truth” media platform. From day one historians and reporters have braved their way recording events under the gun. As a reference, Andrew Breitbart was one whom may have fallen to the evils of the underground world that has been described in so many ways.

The idea of History.Observer was conceived shortly after the monumental events of 9/11, as the official stories conveyed by the government and the merged mainstream reporting network did not corroborate with all the evidence that has stacked up since.

In building and compiling a timeline of historical events several anomalies have been uncovered and quite a few official stories don't hold any weight.

We have searched, high and low, for historical facts across hundreds of news venues nationally and globally and present them on a simple to understand page to learn the whole truth about each monumental event. Our “Digital Truth” platform is checked and verified by people just like you. Once you create an account, you, ‘The People’, are in control of history.

History.Observer is completely designed and built without financial backers, sponsors, advertisements or influence. The objective of History.Observer’s “Digital Truth Platform” is to address and correct the blasphemy and tyranny of the past, current and future times.

History.Observer will be committed forever in obtaining the truth and delivering transparent data you can trust. HO innovations are being built for current and future generations.

Join us as we rebuild a factually verified and archived repository of historical events.